Yoga Series

Hot Yoga

106°F 40% Humidity

The traditional twenty-six posture sequence systematically moves fresh, oxygenated blood to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems

Hot Power Yoga

95°F Plus

This flow will result in a whole body experience. You will be guided to move from one pose to another using the breath. You will be challenged on a physical and mental level but will leave feeling complete and whole. Modifications to bring down or increase intensity will be offered.

Hot Yoga Fusion

85°F - 95°F

This yoga class focuses on enhancing endurance, flexibility and strength. The pace of the class builds heat and intensity through a sustained practice of Sun Salutations and other flowing sequences. A Hatha and Vinyasa hybrid allows repetition during warm-up, core elements, and Ashtnaga variations and optional binds. Longer, restorative poses and supported holds are incorporated as well as opportunities to explore new postures.

Yoga: The Basics

Not Heated

This class is geared toward anyone wanting to learn about Yoga. It is a great starting point for a Beginner but equally well suited for injuries or illness. This class moves at a slow pace allowing for discussion and understanding of the poses as well as the history and philosophy of Yoga. It will answer questions from "Where do I put my Feet?" to "How do I breathe?" You will move but at a much less demanding pace at room temperature.

Beginner Hatha

75°F - 80°F

A gentle body awakening and strengthening class, focused on beginning slow and moving toward building your fire. Ideal for beginners through intermediate students or advanced students working on healthy alignment and breath. Beginning with gentle movements and connection to the breath to wake up the body, building to a Hatha/Vinyasa fusion with deeper opening postures to heal, strengthen, and rejuvenate.

Gentle Yoga

Not Heated

The focus of this class is on breathing, balance, stretching, and releasing tension. The slower pace offers a gentler flow, which aids in releasing muscles with gentle ease. Meditation and restorative yoga poses are included in each class for centering and calming the nervous system.


Not Heated

Utilizing props like blocks and bolsters, a gentle, relaxing, passive form of yoga allows you to release body tensions for short periods of time.

Tranquility Flow

Not Heated

60 minute yoga class designed for all levels, incorporating a range of movement into our flow, focusing on gentle stretches, alignment, balance and breath. We will create a deeper internal connection to our body, gently quiet our minds and nurture our spirits. Our movements will improve resilience in our body, increase circulation and flexibility and benefit physical performance. At the close of our dynamic yoga flow, we will surrender with a deep relaxation period, including hands on adjustments and light massage (if desired).


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